Vince Cappella

Vince Cappella


Vince Capella

PABLO PICASO “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Passion should be at the centre of every career but unfortunately for many, responsibilities trump dreams. Vince Cappella, a thriving baby boomer, embraces the meaning of being a true artist. His lust and passion for the arts is one that runs deep and is proudly self taught. Whether it be sculpting a home made chess set, spending hours with a paintbrush in hand or insisting on meticulously plating each meal, Vince takes every opportunity he can to show the world through his eyes. Being the man that he is, Vince knew that the reality of a family along with all its luggage would require him to find a more stable career in sales. Despite his great success at BMW, Vince always longed for more. With the nest getting emptier, it is now time for Vince to pay the biggest due to himself and carryout his dream of being a professional artist. For Vince every painting is more than just a subject, it is a story of dedication to self-improvement, fulfilment and most importantly a big piece of his heart. Be a dream supporter and help dust Vince off.

Flavio & Stefania Cappella